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The Perfect Prom Dress by MIUSOL

by miusol Services 16 Jun 2018

Everything you need for that Special Day with MIUSOL

Before you graduate from high school into the outside world past those school dates, there is that BIG night. An evening that you had been waiting for – the one where you can make memories, steal the limelight, celebrate and share the good times  with your friends that one last time.

Saying yes to that boy, walking through those doors into the ballroom and to deciding how to wear your hair and makeup and finally the most important part choosing the right dress is what will make that night special. The maybe overwhelming but choosing a dress is not that impossible especially if you have already decided on your look and style for your big day.

Before you decide on the dress, here are some lowdown(s) on how you can go about choosing the perfect dress without stressing yourself for weeks on end.

While a cocktail midi dress or a little black dress is a safe bet, we recommend that you go for a retro chic look. A gown does the trick and is flattering for all body types. However, the intricacies of the gown will need your attention. Hence you need to plan your ensemble well in advance. Budget your expense, which might be the most important part of any big shopping affairs. Have cushion space to hover around any unforeseen expenses. More often than not, there will be a plus here or a minus there in the original budget.

Remember, that it is important to try your dress so that alternations and a few stitches could be made. So go over the details, again start at least a few weeks in advance. If you procrastinate thinking you have all the time in the world, you are wrong. If you do not plan in advance, you may not have the time to get your dress altered as you will be pressed for time.

A theme inspired dress is also a good option if you are looking to stand out in the crowd. Take a good point of reference and start planning the dress and your look well in advance to avoid last minute disappointments. Most importantly, you need to understand your body type before you decide on your prom dress. Think about what suits well. If you know your body type, you can budget your dress accordingly and even get the dress ready well in advance. The colour of the dress might seem frivolous, but it makes a lot of difference too. Keep in mind the theme, your body type, fabric, etc. before you zero in on one. One of those negotiable details, nevertheless, be prepared.

Make sure the fabric is suitable for your skin and doesn’t look flimsy. It should compliment both your skin and body type. Finally, once your dress is ready you can complement it with a matching corsage and shoes.

For an hour glass body you could give the mermaid prom dresses a try which will flatter your body structure since you have a proportionate body and svelte waistline.

For a pear shaped body structure you could go with something that works on the same principle. Go with a form fitting bodice dress that is form fitting at the top, because you can afford to wear it. Something in tulle, net or sheer fabric will give it the definition it needs. Halter neck, noodle strap or strapless will be perfect for the bodice.

If your bust or upper area is substantial, you know that you have an apple shaped body type. Long prom dresses are almost always for you while short dresses are best avoided. A-line, ball gown or dresses with empire line cuts will sit well. Focus on your bust area which means necklines like deep V, illusion sleeves, strapless or even halters will be ideal. Preferably go with a full-length skirt or at least falling on the knees, so there is no scope for unnecessary attention. Try and explore dresses that are unique like asymmetrical, either for the skirt or the neckline.

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