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by Jun Zhong Wu 16 Aug 2018

You have dresses and then you have cocktail dresses. The difference between the two is that while a dress can be of any kind – casual, formal or ornate, a cocktail dress is more suited for a semi-formal occasion in the evening, usually a cocktail party and hence the name. So what sets a cocktail dress apart from a regular dress? Cocktail dresses are typically of knee length, with embellishments or detailing that makes them elegant and dressy. When thoughtfully paired with a charming piece of jewellery, a cocktail dress can make you stand out in a crowded room and make a lasting impression.

Nearly years, cocktail dresses have become a rage with the partying crowd, so much that most major brands come out with their line of cocktail dresses season after season. There are a number of reasons that can be attributed to their growing popularity - they are comfortable, they are easy to carry and most importantly, cocktail dresses exude femininity like no other dress can.

Another big reason for the phenomenal growth of the cocktail dresses market is that the occasions for they are worn are ever increasing – wedding receptions, work parties, formal gatherings and so on. As long as one continues to socialise, there is a demand for cocktail dresses. However, that does not mean hoarding cocktail dresses in the wardrobe. You can cleverly pick and choose outfits that are classic, versatile and can be teamed with accessories to create a different look each time you wear one. Here is our guide to help you choose cocktail dresses that will help you put your best foot forward.

First things first – Size and Fit

Look for a dress that will fit you like a dream and enhance your best features.  A size too small will stifle you while a loose fit will make your appearance sloppy. Pick a dress that will accentuate your curves and hide any flaws. If you want to show off your well-toned arms and shoulders, then pick an off-shoulder dress. If you want to cover any flab around the waist, then choose a dress with a belt or any kind of detailing that draws attention away from the waist. The bottom line is to choose a silhouette according to your body type.

Invest in classic dresses

While building your cocktail dresses collection, first get the quintessential little black dress and a white dress. With the staples taken care of, another must have is a lace dress. Lace dresses are elegant, swanky and never go out of fashion. Other options include a drape dress, a colour blocked dress and a fitted bodycon dress to show off your toned persona.


What’s a party dress without some bling? When choosing cocktail dresses, look for unique design elements like sequins, embellishments, lace, Swarovski or prints that are conversation starters. We picked a few of our best dresses to show you that it is the details that make your dress the talking point of the next party.

Dress it up

Your job does not end by buying a bunch of cocktail dresses and stocking up your wardrobe. Every woman can add a touch of her personality to an outfit by accessorising it right. Accessories don’t just add character to your ensemble, but also help you reinvent the look with the same dress with a different styling time after time. However, while pairing cocktail dresses with accessories, remember less is more. Your ensemble should not shout but should stand out in a crowd. Wear a chunky choker with an off shoulder dress. Style a one-shoulder dress with a beads bracelet on the bare arm. Wear a pair of sparkling drop earrings with a sheath dress. Use your creativity and experiment with different accessories each time you wear a cocktail dress. This way, the look you achieve with every outing of the dress will be different!

Shoes to complete the look

Marilyn Monroe once said – “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. Since most cocktail dresses end just above or below the knee, your legs and the shoes you wear get a lot of attention. The only way you can get the perfect look with your cocktail dresses is to wear the dress with the right pair of shoes. Stilettos are a safe bet - a pair of nude pumps, beige sandals or strappy black shoes match with most outfits. Wear them with complete confidence and strut in style in your cocktail dress to rock any party that you are a part of.

So before the next party is upon you, go ahead and start stocking up on gorgeous cocktail dresses from our collection. We have the whole spectrum of dresses ranging from simple and elegant to luxe and elaborate dresses. Depending on your taste and the occasion, take a pick and style it cleverly with our stunning accessories to be the highlight of the party! 

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